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Republican Consultant Points Out Biggest Problem With The GOP

Alfredo Rodriguez III pulled no punches with his analysis of the GOP and its corruption under Donald Trump. 


Peter Navarro Says Trump Dropped 6 Figures To Pay His Legal Bills

The ex-Trump aide, who aims to appeal his contempt of Congress conviction, said the former president has "been a rock on this." 


‘Perfect Example’: Ex-US Attorney Names Trump Insider Who Could Flip Next

Harry Litman said this person could become "dangerous" for the former president. 


Senate Confirms Chairman Of Joint Chiefs Amid GOPer’s Military Promotions Hold

More than 300 nominees are still stalled amid Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville's blockade, and confirming them one-by-one would take months. 


Ex-White House Aide Reveals Why Trump Wouldn’t Wear A Mask During Pandemic

Cassidy Hutchinson explains why the then-president said "I’m not wearing this thing" in 2020. 


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