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Russia Signs Deal To Deploy Tactical Nuclear Weapons In Belarus

This comes as Moscow braces for Ukraine’s much-anticipated counteroffensive. 


After 22 Years On The Run, Rwandan Genocide Suspect Arrested In South Africa

Fulgence Kayishema is linked to the killing of some 2,000 people. 


SCOTUS Hands Down Dirty Decision On Clean Water

It’s the second decision in as many years in which a conservative majority of the court narrowed the reach of environmental regulations. 


Fox News Host Tweets Ron DeSantis’ Campaign Donation Page, Stoking MAGA Rage

The Fox News host said he links to every candidate on his radio show, but Trump supporters were already in a boil. 


Alert! The Internet-Famous Revlon Brush Is Only $28 On Amazon Right Now

This 3-in-1 styling tool with incredible reviews is currently 30% off. 


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