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NBC Reporter Destroys GOP Lawmaker’s ‘Evidence’ Against Joe Biden Without Trying

Rep. Jason Smith couldn't explain why a message dating to a time when Biden was not in office or a candidate would be proof of political corruption. 


Florida Man, 74, Bitten By Rabid River Otter 41 Times In Brutal Attack

The feral animal went on to attack a dog in the neighborhood the same day. 


Mark Milley Taking ‘Safety Precautions’ After Trump Suggested He Deserves Execution

After the ex-president accused him of treason, the outgoing Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman said he "will never turn my back on the Constitution." 


Hasan Minhaj’s Shot At ‘The Daily Show’ Sinks After Stand-Up Fib Scandal

The comedian is no longer a shoo-in for the hosting gig following a New Yorker report that found inconsistencies in several of his routines. 


Mark Levin Ridiculed For Claiming Trump’s Verdict Is ‘Stalinism’

One man pointed out that if a nationally syndicated radio show is “openly complaining about living under Stalinism,” then “you’re probably not, in fact, living under Stalinism.” 


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