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Britney Spears Wants Fans To ‘Lighten Up’ After Video Showed Her Dancing With Knives

The pop star says the knives weren't real, but some fans called the footage she posted on Instagram "disturbing." 


Lydia And Uche Were Told By ‘Love Is Blind’ Producers To Hide Their Big Secret

The show’s creator says he was “in complete shock” when he initially learned the truth about the two Houston-based castmates. 


Boyfriend Of Missing Mom Of 5 Arrested 8 Years After Her Disappearance

Crystal Rogers was reported missing in Nelson County, Kentucky, in 2015, and her car was found abandoned with her keys, phone and purse still inside. 


Nia Long Slams Boston Celtics For Lack Of ‘Awareness’ 1 Year After Ime Udoka Scandal

The actor tagged the team in a post that showed author Yaba Blay discussing “white tears” and society’s lack of empathy toward Black women. 


According To The ‘Dusty Ex-Boyfriend Effect,’ We Can Predict Taylor Swift’s Future Spouse

One TikTok creator's viral theory might actually make sense. 


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