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Justin Trudeau And Canada Are Preparing For More Trump ‘Uncertainty’

"We don’t know exactly what he is going to do,” the prime minister said of a potential second presidency for Trump. 

Top GOP School Official Appoints Woman Behind ‘Libs Of TikTok’ To Key Position

Chaya Raichik is primarily known for her popular Twitter account, where she often smears LGBTQ+ educators. 

Cavaliers’ Tristan Thompson Suspended 25 Games For Violating NBA’s Drug Policy

Thompson tested positive for ibutamoren, a growth hormone, and SARM LGD-4033, commonly used by body builders and weight lifters for muscle enhancement. 

How Much Has Starbucks Spent Against Its Workers’ Union? Here’s How Joe Biden Could Find Out.

The request for an investigation could test how aggressively the Biden administration will push for employers to reveal their spending against unions. 

Former Trump Aide Says Ex-President’s Recent Fumbles Are ‘Concerning’

"I think it's fair to question his mental acuity," said Sarah Matthews, Trump's former deputy press secretary. 

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