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Mitch McConnell: ‘Our Standards’ Of Conditions For Military Aid Shouldn’t Apply To Israel

U.S. officials quietly treat Israel’s $3 billion in annual aid differently than aid to other nations – but they almost never acknowledge that. 

Can The Shooting Of 3 Palestinian Students Be Prosecuted As A Hate Crime? State Law Says Maybe.

Authorities in Vermont are weighing whether the shooting of three college students of Palestinian descent over the weekend was a hate crime. 

Chris Brown Denies Being Antisemitic After Dancing To Controversial Kanye West Song

The singer fired back at critics who condemned him for seemingly finding humor in Ye's tune, "Vultures." 

Florida Woman Allegedly Stabs Boyfriend In Eye With ‘Rabies Needle’

The incident came amid an argument over the boyfriend looking at other women, according to police. 

Pence Briefly Considered Not Presiding Over Jan. 6 Vote Certification

The revelation again raises questions about Trump’s lawyers’ notes mentioning GOP Sen. Charles Grassley presiding over the Senate that day. 

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